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Mobile Marketing


As the smart phone becomes the norm and mobile internet usage increases significantly the opportunity for businesses is huge. Gen Next Technologies  provide a range of products and services to help you take advantage to of this new and exciting medium and get your business ‘Mobile’, ‘Social’ and ‘Visual’ so that you can grow and adapt in this new era of online marketing.

Gen Next Technologies offer Mobile Website Design, .Mobi Domain name registration, Mobile Search Marketing (Google Mobile), Mobile APP Advertising, For more information about our mobile solutions please browse our website or contact us.
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Social Media Marketing

Social media is all about using the internet to engage customers, rather than market to them. Today’s online consumers are pretty savvy – they know when they’re being marketed to, and they don’t always like it! Using social media allows you to develop relationships with prospective customers without being in your face about marketing.

Social media is all about user-generated content. Social media sites allow online users to communicate, engage and recommend things to one another about pretty much any topic imaginable. Read More


Search Engine Optimization Services

In other words, SEO is about identifying what people are searching for related to your business, products and services – and then optimizing your company’s website code and content accordingly, as per the relevant keywords.  Website design and user-friendly site navigation is key once you have visitors, but SEO is the most effective and cost efficient way to drive those relevant visitors to your site. Read More




Online Lead Generation Service

Does your company have a strong pipeline of business opportunities of clients who are genuinely interested in your business and/or services? If not then a online lead generation campaign could help you. At Gen Next Technologies, we can provide you daily new targeted leads, who are interested in your business and/or services. Read More



Local video marketing

We treat every enquiry with confidence and offer our serviceson a 1st-come, 1st-serve basis.

Submit your enquiry today to reserve your listing within our database for your niche, region, and/or specific keywords.

We will arrange a no-obligation consultation and give you some great free advice on moving your online presence forward – whether you decide to allow us to help you or not. Read More



Discover how PPC campaigns can transform your profit

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the best way to get immediate and targeted traffic to your website in order to generate leads or sales for your business. If set up correctly, managed and optimized well, and tracked effectively, PPC can be a big generator of revenue for just about any business.

Unfortunately, too many companies (and Pay Per Click Management providers) are of the “set it and forget it” mentality. They build a campaign, turn it on, and simply let it run, never taking the time to fully analyze and optimize it in order to produce the largest ROI possible.  Read More


Google Plus Local

The other day, I wrote about how Google Places listings have now become Google Plus Local pages. This has caused confusion for business owners who have already created a page on Google Plus for their business.

The two are not the same, which is confusing for business owners and users. When you search Google for a business, you will see links to that businesses’ Google Plus page, but that will actually be a link to what was originally called Google Places. The Google Plus business page, if there is one, will be elsewhere. The difference is that Google Plus Local pages are a new face for Google Places, with maps and scoring integrated, to create a directory listing for a business to help customers find and evaluate the business. The actual Google Plus business page includes all the social features of Google Plus – hangouts, posting, sharing, commenting, photos etc. Read More


Online Reputation Management

Good news travels fast on the internet, but bad news travels even faster! That means that just one dissatisfied customer or disgruntled ex-employee could create a PR nightmare for you online.

After all, consumers use the web every day to make buying decisions – they go online and read reviews, ask questions, request recommendations and generally do a lot of research before making a buying decision.

With so much information at consumers’ fingertips, it’s important to pay attention to what people have to say online about your brand. Read More



Web Design Services

When it comes time to analyze your Profit & Loss Statement, does your website get marked under “Income” or “Expense?”

Your website is so much more than the public face of your company – it’s an opportunity to engage visitors and generate business and revenue for your company. That’s where the right website design comes in.

The right website design can:

  • Generate leads or sales for your business
  • Spread brand awareness across the web
  • Let you engage customers and potential customers alike
  • Help you become a well known authority in your industry

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