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As the smart phone becomes the norm and mobile internet usage increases significantly the opportunity for businesses is huge. Gen Next Technologies provide a range of products and services to help you take advantage to of this new and exciting medium and get your business ‘Mobile’, ‘Social’ and ‘Visual’ so that you can grow and adapt in this new era of online marketing.

Gen Next Technologies offer Mobile Website Design, .Mobi Domain name registration, Mobile Search Marketing (Google Mobile), Mobile APP Advertising, For more information about our mobile solutions please browse our website or contact us.


Why Mobile Marketing?

  • There are currently 1.8 billion internet users but almost 5 billion people have mobile phones.
  • 51 million have smart phones with internet access.
  • 10 Billion Apps have been downloaded for the iPhone alone (Jan 2011)
  • Usage will double within five years as mobile overtakes the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web.
  • By 2011, over 85% of new handsets will be able to access mobile Web.
  • The number of 3G handsets is growing fast. 3G means faster access the mobile Web. Soon there will be 4G – even faster mobile internet!

So how does Mobile Marketing Work?

Gen Next Technologies can promote and advertise your website, product, service and promotion via a number of Mobile Channels – these include:

  • Google Mobile Search Results (Search Ads)
  • Popular Mobile Websites (Web Display Ads)
  • Most Popular Apps

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

  • Highly Targeted Ads
  • Excellent for Local Businesses (Location Based Targeting)
  • Ideal for Branding and Promotions
  • Capture Email Addresses & Phone Numbers of potential customers
  • New Marketing Method – Gain an advantage over your competitors
  • Better Return On Investment (ROI) than traditional marketing methods

For more information about how Gen Next Technologies can market your business via this new and exciting marketing medium please contact us.

What a Mobile Optimized Website can do for your Business In Video

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